Getting Ready for Knights and Castles

October 28, 2013

It has been party preparation time again, this time for Our Dear Boy and his Knights and Castles party.  Now, if your eyes are glazing in anticipation of yet another children’s party post, turn aside now with my blessings.  If you like this kind of thing, read on.

Our Dear Boy has been deeply involved in planning this party and it has taken much persuasion to get him to let go of using real swords, an actual battering ram, chains and bolt cutters.  He thinks large my boy!

IMG_0150We made a wee castle stamp from a potato for the party favour bags.

IMG_0143He stamped them.

IMG_0172I added a tiny flag and portcullis and the kids filled them,

IMG_8199With fridge magnets made from orphan puzzle pieces from the kinder working bee.

IMG_0167More origami drinking cups made by Our Dear Boy.

IMG_0215Fold out paper knights to colour.

A castle maze and instructions on how to build a siege catapult.

The edibles will be added on the day from the plunder that will be seized by the young knights.

IMG_0072I have also made a stack of cardboard shields from salvaged packing boxes. They are reinforced in the middle with a cardboard bar attached with push pins (they look like rivets on the other side). The handles are made from fabric tape.  The kids will decorate these as one of the party activities.

IMG_0188Here are the swords to go with the shields.  They are made from a few sheets of newspaper rolled up and wrapped with masking tape.


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  1. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast! Lots of drama activities too..a puzzle and clues to find, a wise and patient Queen and a mischievous knave. Many a happy and tired knight fighting the sugar-hit dragon to get to sleep that night.

  2. I LOVE how you design your parties. The fridge magnets are gorgeous and such a good idea for ‘orphaned’ puzzle pieces that would otherwise be thrown out. Did your Dear Boy just love it on the day? Was much fun had? We must catch up shortly so I can hear all about it x

  3. Oh my gosh. This is much more involved than anything I’ve done for my daughter’s parties! I hope to be able to be more creative next year! I love how you and your son worked on making everything together. So sweet!

  4. Happy Birthday to Dear Boy. You made a castle out of a potato!! That’s the stuff of fairytales! You really come up with the most wonderful party ideas. Did you have a cake that fit the theme as well?

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