October 21, 2013

I am under the weather, feeling sick and a little despondent.

Time to look at some of the handmade treasures that have come my way over the last few weeks as I marked turning a little older.

IMG_0158My Dad made this. It is a Wraps Per Inch measure. It even has a leather loop at one end to hang it on the spinning wheel. It is smooth to the touch and smells just wonderfully of wood oil.

necklace editedMy Mum made this. She learned to bead in the last couple of years and as you can see makes exquisite work. This is a necklace made just for me to fit perfectly.

IMG_0156My friend made the round button brooches. She used to run Buttons By Loulou and luckily for me still gives buttons for birthdays! The yarn ball brooch is made in Melbourne by Madz Has Run Away.

IMG_0153The coloured wooden beads in this bracelet hold me in thrall everytime I wear this…a gift from my best mate.  They are all the colours I love best and it is always warm to the touch.

IMG_0042These also arrived in the post recently. Fine wool combs from Petlyn Fibres in Jindera, New South Wales. They are a family run company that makes the only Australian manufactured wool combs. Yes, apparently we still do manufacture some things!  They had a stall at the Bendigo Wool Show where I got to meet the makers and see how the combs worked. These combs were purchased from the prize money I unexpectedly received in the post from the Bendigo Wool Show Woolcraft Competition!

Just in case you are not a spinner, wool combs are used to remove vegetation and short fibres from fleece and align the remaining fibres in preparation for a worsted style of spinning.  You can also use them to blend coloured fibres together. I have been using a flick carder up till now but I haven’t been that happy with the results and all the teeth have gone wobbly. Combs are reputed to give a more consistent result with admittedly a bit more labour.

The combs came with instructions, but if any spinners out there know of a good tutorial on how to use wool combs, I’d appreciate a recommendation.


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  1. So sorry to hear you are feeling unwell and flat. :0(
    Sending warm and woolly love from the Central Highlands. xoxoxo
    *beautiful things and hand-made always feels so lovely.

  2. A friend once shared with me her trick to cheering herself up: she puts on the most colorful pair of socks, sits down, puts her feet out, and wiggles her feet and toes. She said it’s hard to feel blue when her feet look so cheerful.

  3. So many beautiful and wonderful gifts. Those wool combs look a tad scary but are such a great thing to buy with your prize money. No doubt they’ll contribute to next years prize winning pieces.

  4. I think the sick, despondent feeling must be in the air! What beautiful gifts to cheer you up, the wooden measure looks so tactile and your Mum is so talented with those beads – beautiful!

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