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A Tiny Flame

October 13, 2013

Have you been wondering where the knitting is?  Well, I have!

One of the drawbacks of monogamous knitting is there is an uncomfortable gap between projects sometimes. In this case, there were also some achy hands involved. But if you say it very softly, then it is not really happening! And hopefully it will go away before you actually have to acknowledge it.

IMG_0047Without any knitting to hand, I did take the spindle with me to Our Dear Boy’s after-school-sport thing which is something I wouldn’t ordinarily do.  It has got me a bit excited about this particular spinning project again.

IMG_0051I have cast on Evelyn Clark’s Shetland Triangle Lace Shawl after seeing a mamma at school wearing one she bought at the Victorian Handweavers and Spinners Guild.  I am using handspun too…a three ply, flame coloured, Polwarth and silk blend from Wendy Dennis that I began spinning for a Baby Surprise Jacket for Our Dear Girl when I was pregnant.  Unfortunately, spinning ceased when I developed pelvic instability and embraced crutches for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I think I finished spinning it early last year maybe but it was homeless until I decided on this pattern.

IMG_0015It is a delight to knit with as it is so bouncy and squishy.  Not sure if I like the striping I am beginning to see but will see it though and then decide. It will be part of My Sister’s Knitter’s Fall KAL and hopefully I will finish it in the time.

IMG_0019I have also been trying to work up a pattern for particular tea cosy, I can see in my mind’s eye.  To be surrounded by stitch dictionaries, graph paper, swatches and calculations is a very pleasant way to pass some time whilst the kiddlies are on a bike ride with Dad.

It is hard to express the calm and relief I feel to be knitting again.  Do any of you ever feel a bit out of sorts between projects?

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  1. What delicious colours! I am finding that the projects come in swings and waves – part of the issue can be that documenting them takes up almost as much time as a project itself. I’m almost done my arts website and will breath a great sigh of relief when I can start making *actual* artwork again. :0)

  2. now i want to cast on for this shawl too rebecca (i have that book) and love this pattern. but i am, like you, trying to return to being a monogamous knitter.

    i love the color and looks of your yarn and am so impressed that you spun it yourself! i bet it is going to look just gorgeous.

    i love also that you saw this shawl on someone! that doesn’t happen very often here. i do know what you mean about feeling out of sorts between projects, but since the advent of raverly and the super abundance of wools to choose from, i am having the opposite feeling, too much to do. 🙂

  3. the Shetland shawl is a lovely classic – it will be a great addition to your wardrobe, and the colour you’ve chosen is gorgeous and subtle.

    graphing, calculating and planning is a wonderful way to spend some precious alone-time. Looking forward to seeing your end result (I do love a good tea cosy, as you know 😉 )

  4. Such beautiful yarns and gorgeous wooly projects. I don’t know how you can be so self controlled and resist working on a zillion projects at once so you can use them all. (Aching hands are a horrible thing, be kind to yourself and don’t overdo it. – I whispered that bit )

  5. Gorgeous colors and fibres!
    I am never without a knitting project (or three). I just need to have the rit thing to pick up and work on in all knit able situations. If I had only one………I’d be anxious. I don’t know what I’d do with myself to have none on the go!

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