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September 28, 2013

IMG_7996For the last four weeks after the childers are asleep in their beds, I have been secretly working on birthday gifty business for the month ahead is a birthday frenzy in our family.

IMG_8146First up is Our Dear Girl and there has been a bit of secret sewing and knitting going on.

IMG_8345Here is wee dolly ready for the birthday to add to our doll house.  In our doll house live some young fellows and some wooden animals from when Our Dear Boy was younger.  Since Our Dear Girl has begun showing interest in the house, we have added a witch and now by special request, a mamma and baby.

IMG_8331I just used a standard wooden doll form with movable arms. I wound the legs with green wool to look like tights and made the felt dress in two parts. The bodice is sewn in blanket stitch around the doll and the arms gathered in. The sleeve contrast was sewn around and stitched in place. The skirt is gathered with a drawstring. The hair is from spinning tops I had, sewn on the machine on the smallest stitch setting and hot glued in place.

IMG_8192During the day, the kids have been helping with party preparations.  We turned the plant tags we have been saving into fridge magnets for Our Dear Girl’s Spring party.

IMG_8252Our Dear Boy made about thirty of these origami drinking cups for her party bag too.

IMG_8249We made Spring seed packets from the kids’ old paintings.

IMG_8251The kids made rubbings of Spring leaves to decorate the party bags.

IMG_8253Our party bag filling production line.

I’ve also been baking up gingerbread in chicken and tractor shapes.  Apparently, our children think, nothing says Spring like chickens and tractors!

IMG_8232Finally, if you are a Melbournite, there is a new yarn shop on High Street, Northcote.  Please visit Woolarium and purchase something…you know it has been a yarn desert here.  Woolarium is a beautiful, light, airy place with a table to sit at and a fabulous shop knitting project to add to in the window.

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  1. I didn’t realize that you’re in Melbourne! I loved the city when I had the chance to visit a few years ago. I hope to take my husband and the bub there some day! Wonderful, thoughtful birthday preps.

  2. There is so much birthday goodness in the post. All those special party favours and treats are so clever and special. It will really be a party to remember. Mama and baby doll are so sweet. The Woolarium looks fabulous!

  3. Those party bags look amazing and I love how involved the kiddos have been in preparing them. I especially love the leaf rubbings on the front, so pretty. Hope the party is a huge success x

  4. It will be a spring extravaganza, looks like there is as much preparation involved a our August Peter Rabbit 4 th birthday. I think most of the fun is in the lead- up to the party..getting ready together and the excitement building up..

  5. This makes me yearn for Spring! We’re just getting started with Autumn up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I love it, but secretly, I love Spring even more! Love those yarn colors on that shelf, as well. Wishing I were “down under” today! 🙂 Good luck with your birthday extravaganza!

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