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September 13, 2013

IMG_8131This month marks needleandspindle’s first year!!!

I began the blog to document my hapazard moments of making, to coalesce these bits and pieces into a semblance of creative life.

IMG_4010A modest ambition I reckon, but needleandspindle has become so much more because of you. Those moments of making have become transformed into a conversation, one that excites and inspires me.

The conversation has made me braver and more committed to improving my skills. It has also probably made me a wee bit more conflicted because all this making and planning and dreaming still occurs in such frustratingly scattered moments between the very real business of raising two small dynamic people.

And now we are one! Happy Birthday! Thank you to everyone who has ever taken a moment to read this blog, comment or say something encouraging to me about the blog. Thanks especially to smileyhost for giving needleandspindle wings and to my Man for reading every single post without me ever asking and telling everyone he has ever met that I have a blog whether they might be interested or not! 

IMG_8137To celebrate this special anniversary for me, I am launching needleandspindle’s first giveaway! Five lucky readers will receive one of my home made Solace project bags.  You might have seen them pop up from time to time in my pics.  I use them all the time for little projects or bits of projects that need to travel with me.

The bags are made from a fabulous vintage floral fabric destashed by a dear friend and reader.  The label window is made from upcycled plastic from bedding bags and pure wool felt left over from lining showcases.  I think they represent what I would like my craft work to be…beautiful yet frugal and useful.

IMG_7079Since needleandspindle is a blog about making, all you have to do to enter the giveaway is to comment on this post and tell me what kind of making you are passionate about.  Some folks make quilts, some folks make socks, some folks make dinner, some folks make love.  What kind of folks are you?

Don’t leave me hanging…if you’ve never left a comment before, make this the first time.  Celebrate with me!  The giveaway will run to the end of September and I’ll select five winners using a random number generator and post your Solace bag to the ends of the earth.

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  1. Happy Birthday to needle & spindle! So glad I found your beautiful blog. Here is to many more years.
    I love how your hubby mentions your blog and boasts about it. 🙂

  2. Happy One Year! They go by so fast we should take the time and celebrate. Lovely blog deserves celebrating and this makes a great reason to!

  3. this is so lovely rebecca, congratulations. i am so glad to have found you. i know just what you mean about blogging (i have a husband that does the same, reads and tells everyone!) it’s sweet although it still embarasses me.

    LOVE the bag and all that you have repurposed to make it, that makes it even more special. i have a certain ‘problem’ with project bags (as some of my friends would say, hee hee) i LOVE to collect them! and use them of course. thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  4. I havent commented before but it seems rude not to say “Happy Birthday!” I love any kind of making, I often think I should grow up and make up my mind what to concentrate on but then again that might become boring! Like you, I like frugal and useful making, whatever type it might be 😀

  5. happy first birthday, that is so exciting for you :O)
    I love your bags and would love to win one, they are upcycled perfection. I love to make yarn… and then make things with it.
    Have a fun day :O)

  6. Congratulations Rebecca! You have a fine voice and a lovely blog. Take a few moments to pat yourself on the back, and take pride in your work.

    I am passionate about knitting! Ask anyone who knows me, I am the crazy knitter lady, always excited about natural fibers and complicated patterns and making warm useful things for those that I love…Socks and shawls are my favorites, although sweaters are awfully fun – albeit a bit more drawn out.

  7. Just to say, I love your aesthetic and the beautiful way it shines thru your photography.
    I love mindless stockinette myself. And shawls. And especially spinning luxurious yarns.

    tktl on Ravelry

  8. I think some solace might be exactly what I need right now. I used to be passionate about knitting. Now I’m passionate about making a healthy happy future for my son. And I still try to knit a little.

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy first birthday Needle & Spindle!! I have one of your gorgeous bags already that I love, so don’t include me in the giveaway. So glad that you have found such joy in blogging and like me that it has spurred on your creativity.

  10. Happy Birthday! I love your bags! They are so creative and fun!
    My love is knitting although I’ve been wanting to learn crochet too. Maybe this winter?
    Sara (sms394 on rav)

  11. I love knitting…And have been doing it for just under 2 years… What did I do before? I have been a bit sock obsessed lately!

  12. I love knitting and spinning and have also dabbled in a lot of other crafts. Looking forward to catching up with your blog! Congrats on your blog birthday1

  13. I found your blog through Blue Mountain Daisy, and have enjoyed browsing through it. Love your makes 🙂 I used to be completely non-crafty but have recently found a love for fabrics and for creating quilts and mini sewing projects. One day I’d love to learn to make clothes too.

  14. Happy 1st Birthday!! Wishing you many more years of happy blogging. You’re bags are so beautiful in their vintage glory and that simple word that means so much. My thing is quilting, there’s just something about sewing 2 bits of fabric together that makes me so happy.

  15. I have plenty enough project bags, but just couldn’t let the occasion pass without saying congratulations on your blog-iversary!

    I love making cards, beaded jewellery, clothing, items for the home, and various other useful and pretty things – but what I really need to make is more space and time for all these projects!

  16. Happy Anniversary! I love your project bags. My passion is knitting anything with cables. They make me so happy!

  17. I’m a recent convert to your website – congrats on the birthday!

    I’m a dabbler – knit, crochet, quilting, counted cross stitch, I kind of rotate between them. Right now I’m working on Christmas gifts – lots of socks and hand mitts.

  18. I adore the idea of your very useful project bags. Who doesn’t have a few separate projects in need of this organization and portability? I know I do!

    I am passionate about making letters (as in, the alphabet). I’m currently “training” to enter the Graceful Envelope Contest for 2014 so I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my notebooks, waiting patiently to be poked and prodded into just the right theme.

    Thank you for such a sweet giveaway and for sharing your blog with us.

  19. Happy Blog Birthday! I’m extremely passionate about knitting. I’m especially passionate about making baby clothes. (I guess I’m an instant gratification kind of girl.) I don’t shy away from more involved projects, though, like socks and adult garments. I’m an equal opportunity knitter, you could say.

  20. Love, love the bags and your blog… Would love to be a lucky winner.
    I am passionate about making. I go through seasons of focus–jewelry making, knitting, embroidery, card making, photography. Life can be so busy sometimes–I guess the most important thing for me is setting aside the time to pursue the making.

  21. Happy Birthday Needle and Spindle. My favourite inspiration to return to hands and hearth amidst the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.
    My favourite type of making at the moment is collaborating with children and young people. Every time I embark on creative work with them I come away feeling more invigorated and excited about not just the product of our creations but our process, as the young people lead us in truly innovative directions. The other day I found out that one of my own art-works, inspired by the days’ work with preps and year ones, has found a place in the 2013 Visible Ink Anthology. I told my little guys about it and they were thrilled to think that an idea we had first explored together was going to have a national audience. Long post, but the upshot is: for anyone considering a creative endeavour with a young person I can’t recommend it enough. They grow you! xoxo

  22. Happy bloggy birthday Rebecca! Having just learned of this beautiful blog I’m still delighting in the discovery 🙂
    Thank you for your reflections and insights, for your stories, incredible creations and wonderful photos. I love that you are willing to share so much of your inner life as well as your creative output – such a treat for all us readers!
    My own making happens daily in the kitchen, weekly in a choir and whenever I can find time on the sewing machine…as well as all those spontaneous moments of creativity that parenting draws from us, of course…x

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