August 31, 2013

It is done, done, done!

IMG_7980The interminable sweater is finished, just in the nick of time for My Sister’s Knitter’s Get-It-Done-KAL which finishes at the end of this month. Phew!

IMG_7977It has been named Talisman for the magical ability it possessed in repelling the moths which held a party in the hap shawl hanging just beside it for many neglected years.  And, in homage to my Man’s favourite board game of the same name, it will grant the wearer two dice rolls in repelling Moth Attack but will not count against Armour or Luggage.

The stitch pattern is based on a Pörtom pattern from Finland found in Suzanne Pagoldh, (1991) Nordic Knitting, Interweave Press.

IMG_7978Talisman is knit in the round from the bottom up with short row shaping at the base at top of the yoke. Spit splicing worked a treat.   I used Meg Swansen’s jogless jog technique to improve the pattern continuity at the end of the round junction.

Other nerdy bits here 

IMG_7950The leftover yarn made a blanket for Our Dear Boy’s bear and the pattern swatch made a wee blanket for the dolls’ house.




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  1. woot! it’s done!! very lovely fit and colour combo. mastering spit splicing will make things sooo much better for.stranded work, I imagine. well done.

    (love the wee toy blankets, too 😉 )

  2. Well done Rebecca, it’s gorgeous on you. There’s nothing like finishing a project to inspire more. Particularly like teds lap blanket as well.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your Finnish pattern sweater. It fits you like a dream! Talisman is a perfect name and may it always have moth repelling powers. It’s great to see Bear and Dolly snug and warm with their new blankets too.

  4. That looks great, in spite of your reservations about the yarn. Knitting is pretty forgiving in the end… congratulations on all those wool craft prizes!

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