Pineapple Stacks

August 4, 2013

IMG_7332Meet the third item I submitted for the Wool Show this year…the Pineapple Stacks Hat.

IMG_3375It may look familiar to you in this form. It is the hat I made in Somerset, UK last year that got left on a tram in Vienna I think. I made this one bigger, no roll up and decreased for the crown in pattern.

IMG_7268As you might remember, I wanted to make a teazle motif but they just wanted to be pineapples.  The motif uses twisted stitches to define the external border, cables and a moss stitch in-fill.

Of course, there had to be a large pom pom. The last one just wasn’t quite big enough.

IMG_7339I used Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8 ply in Purple Storm on 4 mm needles.

It won a first in the category Knitted or Crocheted Hat using Commercial Yarn in the Woolcraft competition. Thank you Coloredjules for the two skeins of hand dyed mohair boucle and knitting pattern I received for winning. It felt like Christmas.

Thanks again to the mystery Bendigo Woollen Mills knitting angel who mailed me the all important ball bands.


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  1. I love the pineapple pattern in this gorgeous hat and it is such a beautiful colour, though the yellow looked wonderful too! The big pompom is the cherry on the cake!! A very deserved win!!

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