Smooth Sailing Trousers

A fine pair of trousers are finished

September 12, 2012

I am done! Hems are sewn. The belt has a buckle.  All the fastenings are attached.  And I love my new trousers.  Here they are.

Smooth Sailing Trousers

Disclaimer: Although this is a vintage style pattern, I make no claims for authentic construction.  The trousers have a plastic zip and the seams have been overlocked. Shocking, I know!

This is the first pair – I know I will make more.  There is a purple plaid pair whispering to me and a navy cotton drill or red gaberdine waiting quietly to be made.

Next time though I would like to work a little more on fitting the back – this is tricky on your own and I think it shows.  The trousers are quite roomy in the rear and I think perhaps intended for someone slightly more reubenesque than I.

Ideally, the belt loops need to be positioned slightly wider to avoid creating an overly thick layer of fabrics over the front pleat.

The next pair might also have side pockets – the side opening could be hidden within the pocket structure perhaps. Alternatively, the zip opening could be moved to the front or back.