Bursting with pride

June 30, 2013

IMG_6042Do you remember the two Bertha Shoulder Wraps by Vibe Sondergaard that I knitted up a while back?

Well, I just found out that one of my pics (with the back of Our Dear Girl’s head) is currently the featured pic for the pattern on Ravelry.  You can look it up here.  And it is still the featured pic if you click on it a second and third time as I did just to make sure!

And yes, I have noticed that is not a really popular pattern – only five other projects are logged (and two of those are mine!).

Who knew that knitting could take you to such dizzy heights? I won’t let fame change me though.


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  1. Does your daughter wear it without fussing with it? I’d like to knit one for my granddaughter but, active 5 year old that she is, she seems to easily shed clothes as she dashes about.

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