Trouser Quest…is the end nigh?

June 9, 2013

As regular readers would know, I embarked on a Trouser Quest some time ago. It was a quest to find the perfect trouser pattern, one that fitted properly, was superbly comfortable and could be made again and again and again.

IMG_6966Well, take a look! This is from the New Look 6713 pattern that my friend lent me.  She said it was the One and maybe she is right.

IMG_6950It needed a bit of tweaking regarding the sizing.

But after mucking around with a muslin version, it was time to cut out in a real fabric.  I bought some chocolate pin cord from a local fabric store cos the stash cupboard is dry of trouser length anything.  The fabric was a good weight but had a bit of elastin in it which complicated the fit somewhat.  After sewing up, I had to unpick the sides and take an extra quarter inch in to account for the stretch.  The wide upper band has not fitted as smoothly to the lower waist as I would have liked.  Next time, thanks to some good advice, if I was using a fabric with a slight stretch again I would stay stitch the pieces to prevent unwanted stretching during seaming.

IMG_6837Do you like my seams? Overlocked seams are quick but they are so very ugly I reckon, so this was a little gift to myself, bias bound seams.

IMG_6838The inner leg seam.

IMG_6834Recognise the fabric? Yes, it is a bit left over from Okie Girl left over from the spinning wheel cover.  It seemed a perfect match for the inner waist band.

The zip worked well once I had unpicked it and moved the overlapping welt thingie to the other side…oops.

IMG_6839Even a bias bound crutch…who doesn’t need one of those?

IMG_6944Look…a bottom..yay!

IMG_6841Hems…possibly a little on the short side but it is so tricky with a wide leg.  I hate it when you walk in grass with wide leg trousers and they just wick up all the dew and you end up with flappy wet trousers up to your knees.

I shall wear them in and we shall see if the Quest is Over.  Will try them in a dark denim without stretch and maybe a wool or gaberdine.



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  1. Oh my golly, those pants look awesome!! Great shape and the right amount of flare. Those bias seams are so fabulous, I almost wish you could wear your pants inside out to show them off, but that’s just weird isn’t it. Looking forward to seeing the denim or wooly version.

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