Meet Medusa

May 19, 2013

This is Medusa, the little succulent Our Dear Boy gave me for Muvvas Day.

IMG_6683She does look a bit monstrous doesn’t she.  She is wearing a cosy that I crocheted for her from the scrap bag whilst in bed waiting for breakfast last Sunday.  Yep, that was indeed a luxurious hour.  The kids had given their offerings, cuddled some homage and skipped off to help make pancakes.  My job was to stay in bed.  So I listened to another chapter of Jane Eyre on Craft Lit whilst I crocheted something that had no purpose other than to indulge myself. Gloooorious!

Medusa sits on the kitchen window sill where I can treasure her everyday.

Other good bits I am listening to whilst making stuff at the mo:

  • The History of Rome – This is a few years old now but brilliant.  I am trucking through the Punic Wars at the moment – listening through Stitcher.
  • Dead Man’s Chest by Kerry Greenwood – I do love a Phryne Fisher mystery: 1920s Melbourne, an excellent heroine, a pretty good mystery and lots of cocktails.  I am listening via Bolinda Digital Borrow Box – free downloadable audio through our local library

Have you got a favourite podcast or audio download?

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  1. Medusa looks very cosy in her cosy. I bet Mothers Day pancakes taste better than normal day pancakes. Thanks for the audio recommendations. I’m enjoying listening to Bryce Courtenays Four Fires at the moment. My listening material is a mixed bag that I get from our library. We loved watching the Phryne Fisher series on TV.

  2. I want crocheted plants at my house now – Love it! Now I just need to learn to crochet….. I love the idea of borrowing audio from library – I’ve seen the brochures at our library and keep meaning to investigate.

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