Happy Mothers’ Day Stall

May 9, 2013

IMG_6664Our dear girl thinks this Sunday is called Mothers’ Day Stall! I’ve been a bit frantic trying to get a few things finished for the stall which runs today and tomorrow at our dear boy’s school.

Did you have a Mothers’ Day Stall at your school when you were a kid? We did and I remember buying my mum cheap perfume and soap that she never used (it was very cheap!).

At our dear boy’s school, the stall used to be stocked exclusively from the local $2 shop and pretty much went straight to landfill after it was given to mum.  Then, a few years ago, a group of mums got together and decided to stock the stall with home made items.  It has been such a great success

I am not one for presents on Mothers’ Day (although I do like a home made card from the kids and a bit of homage) but when I open my son’s gift to me on Sunday, I know I’ll get that double happiness feeling.  I’ll know that I am receiving something that my son picked out by himself because it was the most beautiful thing he could find and that another mum gave some precious time to make this item for another mum to enjoy.

IMG_6556So this year I made wheat bags and bicycle garters from the scrap collection at my house.

IMG_6665The wheat bags are made from elephant cord left over from the Katanooga Reprise frock and some brushed cotton left over from last winter’s pajama trousers for me.

IMG_6659The bicycle garters were made from various combinations of cotton, linen and wool and used soft loop velcro for the closures.

IMG_6661In case the kids had no idea what they were, I made a big label which included a bike rider pic.