A table is restored to us

May 14, 2013

We needed a table to take camping.  We were tired of squatting in the dirt to prepare food.

IMG_6579This is what we had amouldering in the shed. An old card table with a moth eaten felt top that had to get ripped right off.  After a few creatures fell out of it and it was all dusted down, it didn’t look so bad.

IMG_6575A bit of oil cloth cut to size and the edges rounded off.

IMG_6583Some wool felt cut to size to cover the nails and sharp corners.

IMG_65815/8 inch turned over and seamed to make a casing.  I haven’t sewn with oil cloth before and it is a bit slippy.  It really challenged the feed dogs on the sewing machine.

IMG_6587Blind cord threaded through and pulled tight.

IMG_6585Camping luxury.