Sometimes knits hurt

May 17, 2013

IMG_6648I just finished knitting the frock I have been working on…an idea I saw in my mind’s eye.

The execution is not all I would wish it to be.  I got a bit excited after all my planned yoke increases worked out and forgot to add any short row shaping to lift the yoke at the back.  So I added them, alot of them, perhaps too many of them right at the last minute before I divided all the stitches between sleeves and body.  So now, although the yoke is raised at the back, there is also a sweet little hump.  Unfortunately, for the frock but fortunately for her, Our Dear Girl doesn’t have a sweet little hump on her back.

It might have been possible get rid of the hump effect during wet blocking, but nothing will fixed the poorly worked short rows.  One side is perfect.

The other is incredibly obvious. Somehow I just didn’t incorporate those wraps when I knitted the stitches.

So I am going to RIP IT ALL BACK! Owww! I have know this for a week but like working up to ripping off the bandaid, I have left it sitting all humpy and bumpy on the couch, just looking at me.  Now it is time for a good ripping back to the end of the yoke increases.

By the time this is ready for reknitting, I should have finished my free, online, short row class with Carol Feller on Craftsy.

Carol Feller teaches short row techniques and shaping with a delightful Irish twang.  Great blog too called Stolen Stitches.  There are so many different classes in sewing, knitting and all kinds of things.  Free classes for exploring how it all works and most classes are under $30 USD.

One of the things I love about knitting, are the life lessons embedded in those humble stitches.  Hours and hours of knitting…rip, undo, try again.  It feels good to let go of the time spent, to shed the error and make it new again.