A fine pair of trousers

September 3, 2012

This is the first post. Let us begin as if you and I have always been here. I will tell you about a fine pair of trousers I am making.

This is the first thing I have sewn for myself since my children were born, so I have a fair amount of hope and desire invested in these trousers.  I had intentions of drafting a pattern from my own measurements, but with only snippets of time available, I settled on a pattern.  And what a pattern it is.  Even the name is exciting: Smooth Sailing – Mid 1930s Sports Togs from Wearing History. Who wouldn’t want some sports togs! What I like about these trousers is that they are a classic high waisted wide leg trouser, based on a vintage style but redrafted for a modern tastes (a higher crotch for example).

pattern and fabric

I chose some fabric, a lovely light wool blend from the classically named Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg.










trouser toile

Made a toile.  Fitted it and adjusted it.











paper pattern

Redrafted the paper pattern and pinned it out.











sewing in progress

Started sewing.

All finished bar the finishing! Just hems, belt and clasp to go.