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Royal Melbourne Show 2015

Sometimes, it is easy to forget that the Royal Melbourne Show is primarily an agricultural show amid the showbags, fairy floss, giant rides and booming music. These certainly make it a giant spectacle and if you get one of those … Continue reading

20. September 2015 by Rebecca
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Wool Show Treasures

And here are my treasures from the Australian Sheep and Wool Show 2014…already knitted and spun in my mind’s eye! Two skeins of Mosley Park English Leicester and Merino blend in double knitting weight.  Grown and dyed by Mosely Park … Continue reading

28. July 2014 by Rebecca
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Fibre Journey: Alpaca

This is Rosie. Well, a bag of Rosie’s fibre. Rosie is an alpaca who with her brother and mother live with my parents in country Victoria. Alpacas originate in the Peruvian Andes and were beloved of the Ancient Incas. According … Continue reading

18. July 2014 by Rebecca
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Maldon Made Shawl

I have been a bit of a list person, a should do kind of woman. So I rather surprised myself with this spontaneous treat of a project…a shawl just for me, knit for the sheer pleasure of it, a perfect holiday … Continue reading

09. July 2014 by Rebecca
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Mystery Solved…sorta

It has been hot, too hot for doing anything much with fleece other than looking at it.  Just right for a spot of evening verandah knitting in the company of a cold beer. Thank you everyone who took a look … Continue reading

03. February 2014 by Rebecca
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Mystery Fleece

I was recently given a bag of fleece.  Beware of free fleece, most spinners will tell you.  There could be moths or it could just be a poor quality fleece.  I did know the provenance of the bag however. It … Continue reading

30. January 2014 by Rebecca
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Late at night, when all is quiet, I have been spinning up a fluffy, lanolin-smelling storm. My bag of fleece: a heavenly Finn fleece from Fairfield Finns. The basket of staples: bits of the fleece all mixed up to blend … Continue reading

28. June 2013 by Rebecca
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In the meantime…

While I wait to cast on…something, this is what I am doing of an evening. Spinning – on the lovely spindle I bought whilst in England from Ian at ITS Crafts/The Wood Emporium. It is made of bog oak from … Continue reading

29. January 2013 by Rebecca
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Jilly Bean Yarns

So scrumptious, so delicious…if you could, you would eat Jilly Beans all the time. This is their sock tweed in the Sunrise colourway, a glorious merino muddle of blues, pinks and a touch of orange. I reckon it might be … Continue reading

02. December 2012 by Rebecca
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Marmalade in Frome

Frome is a delightful town in Somerset, full of winding streets and surprising shops.  Turn a corner and discover Catherine Hill – vintage clothes, printmaking and ceramics and a yarn shop…of course. I loved my visit to Marmalade Yarns – … Continue reading

16. November 2012 by Rebecca
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