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Slowtober: Remaking 4

Thank you all so much for your enthusiastic response to my recent remaking conundrum. I have spent the last decade occasionally wondering what I should do with this beautiful sweater made by my dear late friend for her son in … Continue reading

08. November 2017 by Rebecca
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Costume Changes

Whilst the Waysides project is simmering out the back, I’d like to share another ongoing project that has been on my mind: Costume Changes. Costume Changes is my clothes making project that seeks to address the paucity and incoherence of my … Continue reading

13. March 2015 by Rebecca
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Falling into Christmas

Oh yes, it is Christmas, the end of days! End of school, end of kinder, end of swimming, end of piano, beginning of holidays, camping, ripe apricots, school watering rosters and Christmas flurry. We are falling into Christmas. We have … Continue reading

20. December 2014 by Rebecca
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Operation Man Shirt

In my attempt to make from what I already have, in the waning days of the year, I am launching Operation Man Shirt, a quest to usefully transform all My Man’s old, worn business shirts that in some frugal madness … Continue reading

12. December 2014 by Rebecca
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The Bag in the Bag of Bag Scraps

Not long ago, I came home from school pick-up to find a collection of bags on the front verandah.  There was yarn in one, machine knitted samples in another and fabric scraps in the other…refugees from a friend’s de-stashing. The … Continue reading

05. March 2014 by Rebecca
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Bye Bye Bunting Bye Bye

My sewing frenzy has continued with finishing my bundle of bunting that we cut out earlier.  And doesn’t it look so cheery hanging in the crab apple tree? I love that these are made from upholstery samples.  Hail to Jacinta … Continue reading

30. March 2013 by Rebecca
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Bunting Blitz

There was a bunting blitz at school last week in anticipation of the school fete. We cut out lots and lots triangles from upholstery off-cuts. I now have a pile of stripey joyfulness to sew.  

03. March 2013 by Rebecca
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A Wee Bit o Tartan

There are several op shops (charity shops in local parlance) on the main street in Berwick-on-Tweed.  In one, I found a lovely Scottish pure wool tartan scarf that I thought would make a lovely little skirt of for our dear … Continue reading

13. October 2012 by Rebecca
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