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Waysides Yoke Sweater

Well, all I can say, is thank the knitting gods for Wovember or I might never have finished this sweater. I cast on for this yoke sweater in August without a firm design in mind. That was OK. I knew … Continue reading

11. December 2015 by Rebecca
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The Curiousity of Joyless Knitting

I just finished this. It is a design called Skrupsak by Signe Stromgaard. It fits perfectly and Our Dear Boy thinks it is pretty good. And yet, I have to admit this was a very joyless knit for me. It … Continue reading

24. February 2015 by Rebecca
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Enchanted Bendigo

First finished thing for 2015…Yipppppppeeeeeee! Oh glory, oh goodness, I am so very, very happy with this sweater. It was a pleasure to plan, to spin, to knit and to wear…despite the heat, despite the humidity. I revel in its … Continue reading

07. January 2015 by Rebecca
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Wovember Chicken Knitting

I knew I didn’t have quite enough yarn for a cardigan for Our Dear Girl but I was going to make it work anyway. As it is Wovember, I thought I would celebrate the endeavour and good sheep it came … Continue reading

12. November 2014 by Rebecca
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The Vikings are Come…to the Antipodes

Our Dear Boy had grown out of all his woollies.  It was time to make something bigger. We talked together about the elements it must include like a hood and a zip. We talked about the elements it might include … Continue reading

08. October 2014 by Rebecca
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Anticipating Yokes

The Scotland-based, knitwear designer Kate Davies is writing a book about yoked sweaters.  She has been researching different yoke constructions and designing a series of yoked sweaters. I, along with many others of the yoked persuasion are waiting for the … Continue reading

04. September 2014 by Rebecca
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Winter Lace

Finally…I started this in the summer and it is finished in mid winter, just the time for three quarter length sleeves and lace.  I was knitting the sleeves at the Winter Solstice. It is a bit lovely though isn’t it? … Continue reading

20. August 2014 by Rebecca
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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Freshly finished…a cardigan for an eight year old friend of ours.  It is my own design that I have named Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside. Ravelled here. Knitting for children as they get older is a … Continue reading

11. August 2014 by Rebecca
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Vest to Vestment

I was born in the UK and my early years were full of vests and pants.  But here in Australia, I quickly worked out it was all undies and singlets. Vests are sleeveless outer garments.  And here is a recent … Continue reading

04. June 2014 by Rebecca
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Ah…a bit of knitting finished! This is Lotus Blossom Tank by Sharon Shoji from Ann Budd’s Best of Interweave Knits. This was a trial to knit. The sizing was bizarre and because of the construction, was tricky to alter at … Continue reading

20. December 2013 by Rebecca
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