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Tuff Socks Naturally: Second Sock

I wish I could spin and knit faster. There are so many things I want to try out for the Tuff Socks Naturally Project. This project is a collaborative project exploring durable, non nylon, non superwash alternatives to the standard … Continue reading

14. November 2017 by Rebecca
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Tuff Socks Naturally Project: Introduction

My recent sock remaking project coalesced a number of thoughts for me around durability and sustainability, particularly of socks. Remade socks, legs are spindle spun from Jillybean, BLF braid, bottoms and cuffs are wheel spun from Corriedale x Ryeland x … Continue reading

01. November 2017 by Rebecca
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Darn Sock

It is still slow and steady here at Needle and Spindle, so sock darning is about the right pace. After encountering this wonderful darning technique on Local and Bespoke, I found that a pair of my favourite socks were needing … Continue reading

07. June 2016 by Rebecca
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Slow Socks

This post is a bit of a cup-of-tea-and-a-lie-down after the strident excitement of the last couple of posts. A perfect time to show you a lately finished spinning and knitting project. These socks are slow socks, or more precisely, slooooooow … Continue reading

05. September 2015 by Rebecca
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S(h)ock Confession

Several years ago, I decided I wasn’t going to buy any new socks. I was going to knit them. Apparently, I did not dedicate myself to that task at quite the rate required. I now find that I am the … Continue reading

21. May 2015 by Rebecca
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A Strange Assortment

In the last wee while, I have made a peculiar assortment of things, even odder when I see them brought together now. Twenty seven high vis, Velcro armbands are now ready to help Our Dear Girl’s harried teachers keep track … Continue reading

28. April 2014 by Rebecca
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Laura and the Pirate Queen

Our Dear Girl was rather happy with her birthday.  She ate cake, played party games, thanked her guests politely for their lovely gifts and then posed uncooperatively for her mamma’s pics! One of her gifts this year was a Little … Continue reading

04. October 2013 by Rebecca
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Hill Dwellers

Socks for the Hill Dweller are done and what a pleasure they have been. They started with a Crazy Zauberball.  Doesn’t that sound exciting? It is from Germany (which breaks my rule of Australian only yarn when in Australia but … Continue reading

04. July 2013 by Rebecca
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A New Year

Happy New Year Dearest Readers, May you thrive, prosper and make useful, beautiful things of all kinds, be it tea cosies, babies or love. This is our last day in Munich – tomorrow we catch a train to Frankfurt at … Continue reading

02. January 2013 by Rebecca
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Vienna…a heel turns

I turned my first sock heel in our lovely apartment in Vienna.  Here I am doing the heel magic while supervising bath time. Ooooo Vienna, you are so lovely. Everywhere I looked was loveliness.  All the buildings look like cakes … Continue reading

29. December 2012 by Rebecca
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