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Postcards at Sea #1: Pretty Squares

Part of the reason I have not been back to this space for such a long time is that I kept wanting to post like I used to, big juicy posts with lots of research and progress and completion.  Since, I … Continue reading

17. August 2016 by Rebecca
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Small things requiring some attendance

Thank very much for the time so many of you took to respond to the last post I am not a quilter. If you didn’t subscribe to comments, I encourage you to pop back and read the reflections of other … Continue reading

05. December 2015 by Rebecca
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Falling into Christmas

Oh yes, it is Christmas, the end of days! End of school, end of kinder, end of swimming, end of piano, beginning of holidays, camping, ripe apricots, school watering rosters and Christmas flurry. We are falling into Christmas. We have … Continue reading

20. December 2014 by Rebecca
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Small Things, Birthday Things

I have made lots of things for my children’s birthdays, costumes, needle cases, bike seat covers, bags and so on. This year all I got to make for both kids was a flower wreath for Our Dear Girl. Beyond all … Continue reading

03. November 2014 by Rebecca
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We have chickens! After a long break, we have welcomed back chickens to our backyard. Let me introduce you. This is Cassandra, named by our Dear Boy for a character in the Ranger’s Apprentice books. She is a New Hampshire … Continue reading

03. October 2014 by Rebecca
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Small Things, Warm Things

Amidst the big projects, little things slip in.  Here are a few. A gift, a teacosy just for one…for surely, the act of making a proper cup of tea just for ourselves is a moment of commitment and love. The … Continue reading

09. September 2014 by Rebecca
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Happy Mother’s Day Stall

Yes, it is that time of year again when our family and friends celebrate the annual Mother’s Day Stall at Our Dear Boy’s school. Long, long ago, the Mother’s Day Stall was stocked with cheap plastic stuff from discount shops that … Continue reading

10. May 2014 by Rebecca
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A Strange Assortment

In the last wee while, I have made a peculiar assortment of things, even odder when I see them brought together now. Twenty seven high vis, Velcro armbands are now ready to help Our Dear Girl’s harried teachers keep track … Continue reading

28. April 2014 by Rebecca
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Auntie Eadie’s Teacosy

Isn’t it a beauty! The Auntie Eadie of my late, dear, next door neighbour crocheted this cosy in the fifties or sixities.  Auntie Eadie was not afraid of colour! My dear next door neighbour gave it to me when she … Continue reading

04. September 2013 by Rebecca
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Meet Medusa

This is Medusa, the little succulent Our Dear Boy gave me for Muvvas Day. She does look a bit monstrous doesn’t she.  She is wearing a cosy that I crocheted for her from the scrap bag whilst in bed waiting for breakfast … Continue reading

19. May 2013 by Rebecca
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