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Birthday Bunting

It is still birthday season here, so what better time to suddenly decide to make birthday bunting! Inspired by the recent heroic efforts of Something From Seaview and fueled by the panic that Our Dear Boy didn’t have anything handmade for … Continue reading

23. October 2015 by Rebecca
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Falling into Christmas

Oh yes, it is Christmas, the end of days! End of school, end of kinder, end of swimming, end of piano, beginning of holidays, camping, ripe apricots, school watering rosters and Christmas flurry. We are falling into Christmas. We have … Continue reading

20. December 2014 by Rebecca
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Operation Man Shirt

In my attempt to make from what I already have, in the waning days of the year, I am launching Operation Man Shirt, a quest to usefully transform all My Man’s old, worn business shirts that in some frugal madness … Continue reading

12. December 2014 by Rebecca
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