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New Year Old Year

Happy New Year Readers and welcome back to Needle and Spindle! I hope you had some enjoyable holidays and if you did not, then let us be done with them and embrace the year ahead. With my resolution to find balance … Continue reading

08. January 2016 by Rebecca
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New Year

  And so the new year begins. The three Norns continue to spin our fates at the foot of the Yggdrasil, Tree of the World. Sometimes a fine thread, thin to almost breaking and sometimes a firm, confident yarn. No … Continue reading

03. January 2014 by Rebecca
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Oh Knitting Gods

Dear Knitting Gods, It has been 21 days since I last knitted. I am feeling a little forsaken by the Muse.  I have made my knitting list for the year, well begun it anyway.  It includes knitted dolly clothes, some … Continue reading

21. January 2013 by Rebecca
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