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Spring Cardigan

Look! Something finished to share with you! The cardigan called is Ferris Wheel by Georgie Nicolson. I thought it was a simple, top-down, raglan cardigan pattern and maybe it still is but it really challenged me. The pattern contains a huge … Continue reading

02. November 2016 by Rebecca
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The Curiousity of Joyless Knitting

I just finished this. It is a design called Skrupsak by Signe Stromgaard. It fits perfectly and Our Dear Boy thinks it is pretty good. And yet, I have to admit this was a very joyless knit for me. It … Continue reading

24. February 2015 by Rebecca
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Evolution of a Knitting Pattern

I finished this baby cardigan recently. It is for an almost-here neighbour. It is knit up in some cotton from deep in the stash, Patons Gem, a smooth unmercenized 4ply from an oppy many years ago. The pattern is my … Continue reading

30. January 2015 by Rebecca
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On Your Crochet Bike

It began with a ripped bike seat last year and a crochet cover to hide all the tape.  Then the mother of one of Our Dear Boy’s school friends made a special request for her son’s ripped seat.  And then … Continue reading

17. May 2014 by Rebecca
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We have been making crowns for birthdays. Easily made from bits and pieces from your stash, these are half crowns that fit across the front of a child’s head and fasten around the back with elastic.  They fit a range … Continue reading

25. March 2014 by Rebecca
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Baby Boots Giveaway Given

Thank you to all who entered needle & spindle’s first giveaway of the year and to those who didn’t enter but left lovely comments. I have rolled the dice of randomness and the handspun, handknitted baby boots go to…Cable Stitch. … Continue reading

19. February 2014 by Rebecca
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Baby Boots Giveaway

In anticipation of the arrival two new baby friends, I have been making Baby Boots. I made a version of these for my babes. They are sturdy and stay on kicking legs. You can tie them at the back, if your … Continue reading

10. February 2014 by Rebecca
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Post Christmas Share

When I asked Our Dear Girl what she most dearly wanted for Christmas she said in a wistful voice, ‘Anything princessy, just anything’. Ah yes, she has reached that stage.  She has worked out that she is a girl and … Continue reading

29. December 2013 by Rebecca
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Hot Flush

As we head ever closer to the Yuletide festival that cheered our ancestors through the long dark winter, the peaches and apricots are ripening in backyards across Melbourne. We have had our first flushes of heat and in the scrabble … Continue reading

08. December 2013 by Rebecca
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Wovember Ode to a Soaker

It is still Wovember, the month to pay homage to the wonder of wool. Thank you for your enthusiastic response to my last post Pelle’s Back to Back Wool Odyssey.  Thank you also to Kate Davies Designs who linked to … Continue reading

22. November 2013 by Rebecca
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