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Farm News from Bullengarook

Bullengarook is a little place an hour north of Melbourne, just near Bacchus Marsh.  It is rolling, lush country, perfect for sheep. It is where Maureen Shepherd raises her prize winning Finnsheep at Fairfield Finns. I love the fleeces produced … Continue reading

27. March 2018 by Rebecca
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Finn Fleece

Shearing in Victoria seems to start in mid October and run through December. Some farms run open days where you can pick out the fleeces you want, others send out fleeces by the kilo in the post and others take … Continue reading

07. December 2017 by Rebecca
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Tuff Socks Naturally Project: Introduction

My recent sock remaking project coalesced a number of thoughts for me around durability and sustainability, particularly of socks. Remade socks, legs are spindle spun from Jillybean, BLF braid, bottoms and cuffs are wheel spun from Corriedale x Ryeland x … Continue reading

01. November 2017 by Rebecca
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My Friend Nicholii

I needed a bit of a lift along the Waysides natural dyeing journey I have been traveling with Annie Cholewa. As many of you know, I have been dancing rather wearily with the beginner’s beige so I decided to revisit the old friend … Continue reading

29. April 2015 by Rebecca
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Spin the Wilderland

The Riverwife whorls came with us when we went camping in Western Victoria recently. The spot we go is a special place encircled with towering Blue Gums Eucalyptus globulus and Messmates Eucalyptus obliqua. The trees bear the blackened trunks of … Continue reading

24. November 2014 by Rebecca
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Spin like an Ancient…kinda, sorta, not really

Ever since I read Elizabeth Wayland Barber’s extraordinary book Women’s Work: the first 20,000 years, I have been fascinated by spindle spinning.  I have a couple of beautiful, wood turned ones, a cherry Maggie and a Bog Oak IST, both … Continue reading

20. November 2014 by Rebecca
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The Winter Sun

It the Winter Solstice on this side of the world and it is just starting to get properly cold. It has been a very long Autumn, some trees still have leaves to drop and others have shown Spring blossoms…it is … Continue reading

21. June 2014 by Rebecca
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Walking the neighbourhood

I love living in the northern suburbs of Melbourne but sometimes it becomes so familiar, I stop really seeing it. Last weekend, the kids and I went for a walk, a meandering and rambling kind of walk.  We took the camera and … Continue reading

14. June 2014 by Rebecca
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My Man and I went on a date last weekend.  This is quite an extraordinary feat for us. We went and saw The Orbweavers at a pub we could ride to on our bikes on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The … Continue reading

21. September 2013 by Rebecca
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