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My Friend Nicholii

I needed a bit of a lift along the Waysides natural dyeing journey I have been traveling with Annie Cholewa. As many of you know, I have been dancing rather wearily with the beginner’s beige so I decided to revisit the old friend … Continue reading

29. April 2015 by Rebecca
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Spin the Wilderland

The Riverwife whorls came with us when we went camping in Western Victoria recently. The spot we go is a special place encircled with towering Blue Gums Eucalyptus globulus and Messmates Eucalyptus obliqua. The trees bear the blackened trunks of … Continue reading

24. November 2014 by Rebecca
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Spin like an Ancient…kinda, sorta, not really

Ever since I read Elizabeth Wayland Barber’s extraordinary book Women’s Work: the first 20,000 years, I have been fascinated by spindle spinning.  I have a couple of beautiful, wood turned ones, a cherry Maggie and a Bog Oak IST, both … Continue reading

20. November 2014 by Rebecca
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The Winter Sun

It the Winter Solstice on this side of the world and it is just starting to get properly cold. It has been a very long Autumn, some trees still have leaves to drop and others have shown Spring blossoms…it is … Continue reading

21. June 2014 by Rebecca
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Walking the neighbourhood

I love living in the northern suburbs of Melbourne but sometimes it becomes so familiar, I stop really seeing it. Last weekend, the kids and I went for a walk, a meandering and rambling kind of walk.  We took the camera and … Continue reading

14. June 2014 by Rebecca
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My Man and I went on a date last weekend.  This is quite an extraordinary feat for us. We went and saw The Orbweavers at a pub we could ride to on our bikes on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The … Continue reading

21. September 2013 by Rebecca
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