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Beige Waysides and a Diamond in the Rough

The next thing I tried dyeing with was wattle seed pods. I collected these from underneath the stand of Silver Wattles (Acacia dealbata) between the bike path and creek.  These trees were are indigenous to our neighbourhood but not original. … Continue reading

24. March 2015 by Rebecca
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The Colour of the Way to the Shops

This post is part of a collaborative natural dye and mapping project with Annie Cholewa called Waysides: Local Colour from Our Home Grounds. I finished drafting that lovely local English Leicester. I had a slightly higher twist rate than I … Continue reading

20. March 2015 by Rebecca
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Waysides and Urban Fibres

Thank you all for your unbridled enthusiasm and encouragement for the Waysides project Annie Cholewa and I are undertaking. I was so thrilled by your response, I wrote back to all your comments equally enthusiastically. Then watched them all bounce back … Continue reading

06. March 2015 by Rebecca
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Waysides, a collaboration : local colour from our home grounds

Thank you for all your wisdom on The Curiousity of Joyless Knitting. Whilst my knitting energy is muted, my mind is bubbling and fermenting… Welcome to Waysides, a collaboration between Annie Cholewa and myself…finding local colour in our homegrounds. I … Continue reading

01. March 2015 by Rebecca
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Local Colour I

I didn’t mean to have any major crafty goals this year. I deliberately did not make resolutions or a list of things to make. But somehow how January has distilled vague urges into clear projects and Local Colour is the … Continue reading

23. January 2015 by Rebecca
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