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Book Review: Crafting with Feminism

Crafting with Feminism is a new title from Quirk Books in the US, subtitled 25 Girl-Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy. It is by crafter Bonnie Burton whose previous work The Star Wars Craft Book is in our public library … Continue reading

25. October 2016 by Rebecca
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According to Our Dear Boy, despite the reassuring progression of the Advent Calendar, Christmas is too far away.  He suggests we have it earlier. We have been gradually bringing out the Christmas Pantheon I made a couple of years ago. … Continue reading

13. December 2013 by Rebecca
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Bit by Bit

For the last four weeks after the childers are asleep in their beds, I have been secretly working on birthday gifty business for the month ahead is a birthday frenzy in our family. First up is Our Dear Girl and … Continue reading

28. September 2013 by Rebecca
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Fun Day Fun

On Saturday, we all voted in our federal election.  Our Dear Boy’s school was a polling station and the parents ran a Fun Day to raise money for the school. With another mum, I ran the Learn to Crochet stall. … Continue reading

08. September 2013 by Rebecca
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Tub to Trolley

Big heavy tub of blocks. Very little mama. Small Boy with good ideas. He took the castors off his tool box. We cut some thick ply to the size of the block tub. Screwed in the castors. Screwed the tub … Continue reading

17. July 2013 by Rebecca
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The kids have been having a go at embroidery! I put some hessian in a small hoop and threaded the needle. They chose the colours and did the stitching. Our Dear Boy (6) did the outer circle and Our Dear … Continue reading

29. April 2013 by Rebecca
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Our Busy Carpenter

Our dear boy has been busy again.  He just finished a book stand for the family to display favourite books.  He installed the book stand and chose the books to display.

19. February 2013 by Rebecca
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First Person

Our Dearest Girl drew her first person. She told us the person is sleeping (that is why one eye is coloured in – the eye is closed for sleep) and has a blanket over their body. Awww!

06. February 2013 by Rebecca
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The Ladder and the Chair

Our Dear Boy sleeps with this book.  I had to repair it today because the cover had come off. Our Boy is enjoying a joyous bout of carpentry before school begins.  He is only six but already has a confidence, … Continue reading

31. January 2013 by Rebecca
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Best things to pack or do for kids on a long trip

Since we have been home, a lot of mums have asked me how we kept the kids happy and occupied on our travels.  Apart from the obvious excursions to castles, museum and parks, it was a little tricky.  Our kids … Continue reading

17. January 2013 by Rebecca
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