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North and South

I have been listening to North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell through Craft Lit. Craft Lit is a weekly podcast featuring an audio book reading with commentary, hosted by Heather Ordover.  The books are all out of copyright books in the public … Continue reading

16. August 2014 by Rebecca
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Sheep, sheep everywhere but not a lot to knit

Now don’t freak out, this is a longish post, I’ve been a’readin’ and a’thinkin’…just get a cup of tea. People who are not from Australia, often assume that because we are renown for producing fine merino, we must be a … Continue reading

28. June 2014 by Rebecca
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Knit like a Shetlander…kinda

Inspired by this photograph and the recent Knit in Public Day, I’ve been taking my knitting everywhere as an experiment. Let me first tell you a bit about the picture. I came across it whilst looking for images of Shetland … Continue reading

19. June 2013 by Rebecca
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Edwardian Counterpane

Isn’t this a lot of knitted loveliness?  I took this pic at Morwellham Quay, near Tavistock in Devon.  The whole village is a World Heritage site of Victorian/Edwardian life.  There is a working farm, copper mine, railway and dock as … Continue reading

29. November 2012 by Rebecca
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A Needle

One thousand years ago, a soldier lost his ‘housewife’ at the Roman Fort Vindolanda in the North of England.  The Fort guarded the Roman Road called the Stangate. It was positioned very close to Hadrian’s Wall as part of the … Continue reading

25. November 2012 by Rebecca
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