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Back to Basics

I have not done much knitting lately. This shocks me a bit but I just haven’t been up to it. Not the knitting part but the holding of multiple instructions in my head, things like following a chart and shaping … Continue reading

01. July 2016 by Rebecca
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Fibre Journey: Alpaca

This is Rosie. Well, a bag of Rosie’s fibre. Rosie is an alpaca who with her brother and mother live with my parents in country Victoria. Alpacas originate in the Peruvian Andes and were beloved of the Ancient Incas. According … Continue reading

18. July 2014 by Rebecca
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Newborn Pineapple Stacks

It is getting cooler in Melbourne and tis the season for woolly hats again, especially for very new people. This is a version of my Pineapple Stacks Hat for a newborn. I used same cast on and pattern repeats as … Continue reading

04. May 2014 by Rebecca
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Pineapple Stacks Hat Pattern Release

I am proud to announce the release of Pineapple Stacks Hat as a downloadable pattern that can be purchased from Needle and Spindle Designs Ravelry Store for AUD $ 4.00. You don’t have to be a member of Ravelry to … Continue reading

20. March 2014 by Rebecca
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Pirate Treasure

Our children seem to loose sunhats like I loose pins, frequently and to my great irritation. So we visited our local charity shop to find a quick replacement. We didn’t find a sunhat but I did find a very warm … Continue reading

10. March 2014 by Rebecca
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Pineapple Stacks

Meet the third item I submitted for the Wool Show this year…the Pineapple Stacks Hat. It may look familiar to you in this form. It is the hat I made in Somerset, UK last year that got left on a … Continue reading

04. August 2013 by Rebecca
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Beanie Wonderland

In between the grocery shopping and kinder pickup, I managed to catch the penultimate day of Artisan Book’s 13th Annual Beanie Exhibition.  Even though many of the beanies had already been sold and gone off to new homes by the … Continue reading

19. July 2013 by Rebecca
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Pineapple Peek

Just finished in time for the coldest bits of our adventure – I have called it Pineapple for now.  I had wanted to make a teazle shape with twisted stitches but on mass like this and in this particular colour, … Continue reading

07. December 2012 by Rebecca
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