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The (Real) New Year

For me, the year doesn’t really begin until February 1st, just after the school year begins. From Christmas till then, the days are full of family, holiday trips and summer heat. This year we visited Tasmania and did some short … Continue reading

31. January 2018 by Rebecca
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Our dear girl lost her mittens in York, so my last knitting job before we left UK was to make a new pair.  These are made roughly from Petite Purls – Stars or Stripes Mittens by Odessa Reichel.  I used … Continue reading

10. December 2012 by Rebecca
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Scappa Lockhart

The Lockhart fingerless gloves from Lelia Raabe at Brooklyn Tweed are done and in full use. The tech bits are ravelled here. I started these in Berwick-upon-Tweed and they saw me through our road trip and the first week of … Continue reading

20. November 2012 by Rebecca
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This is my solace

Here is a little peek at my solace of the moment…some twisted stitch fingerless mitts.  What do you reckon?  A little dwarvish perhaps?  Aren’t the needles lovely too – stained bamboo…not particularly great to knit with but to hand and … Continue reading

12. November 2012 by Rebecca
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Shawm Gadgie Gloves

Tim’s warm mittens are finished and being useful – just in time for the snow.  Yes, snow!  In late Autumn! We had a small show of it up North for about 15 minutes but now we are down south in … Continue reading

05. November 2012 by Rebecca
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