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More thoughts on slow making

I have been thinking a lot about slow making recently. The socks were one kind of slow where I knew the process and outcome at the outset but they were long in the making. The Waysides project is another kind … Continue reading

13. September 2015 by Rebecca
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Operation Man Shirt

In my attempt to make from what I already have, in the waning days of the year, I am launching Operation Man Shirt, a quest to usefully transform all My Man’s old, worn business shirts that in some frugal madness … Continue reading

12. December 2014 by Rebecca
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GiveWrap in the Wild

Since our first GiveWrap event, last August, GiveWraps have been gently yet inexorably transforming the culture of disposable gift wrap into one of reciprocal giving of treasured wrapping cloths. Made by Aisha There is another GiveWrap workshop hosted by Needleworks … Continue reading

21. October 2014 by Rebecca
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GiveWrap, an end to wrapping paper

Today the Needleworks Collective held their first event, a GiveWrap workshop in Melbourne town. Needleworks Collective is a small craftivist group of friends: Emily, Aisha and I.  We have been making stuff together for a few years now and discovered we had a … Continue reading

30. August 2014 by Rebecca
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