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Three Dresses

I used to wear a lot of dresses. But then I had children. My shape changed, my bust got bigger, then smaller, then bigger and then went a little further south. Clothes had to accommodate breastfeeding…for years, it seemed. Even … Continue reading

14. May 2015 by Rebecca
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The Trouble With Cotton

This post is part of my Costume Changes project, a considered wardrobe revitalising project. Of the aims of this project was to wean myself off the cotton tshirt. I like cotton tshirts because they are easy. They don’t need ironing … Continue reading

22. April 2015 by Rebecca
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Costume Changes

Whilst the Waysides project is simmering out the back, I’d like to share another ongoing project that has been on my mind: Costume Changes. Costume Changes is my clothes making project that seeks to address the paucity and incoherence of my … Continue reading

13. March 2015 by Rebecca
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