Man Scarf

I feel a bit neglectful of my lovely gentleman. He rarely gets my knits. So here is some redress.

img_3753-2The design is Thendara by Stephen West.

img_3752-2I was able to borrow this pattern from the Handweavers and Spinners Guild of Victoria library. They have all the early WestKnits pattern books there.

img_3759-2The yarn is a discontinued Pear Tree yarn, 100% merino 4ply that I bought in bulk at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show many years ago. I think I bought 1 kilo of grey. I cannot remember why. It is too soft and unstructured to make a cardigan from but it does make lovely baby clothes and shawls. It is quite bulky for a 4ply/fingering weight so it happily took to the 3.75 mm needles to make a firm but drapey fabric. To get my colour contrast, I over-dyed a single hank with some Earth Palette black. I just mixed the dye up, put in a plastic bag with the skein and left it out the back for a day. The black dye must have had a blue base as it just made the grey, darker and bluer.

img_3675The second hank I over-dyed with onion skins on the stove top. This came out a lovely mustard.

img_3761-2Then, just lots of lovely straight up stripes, garter stitch and slipped stitches. I worked this without any modifications. It is a really excellent pattern and design. Ravelled here.

img_3751-2The recipient is very pleased.


17. November 2016 by Rebecca
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  1. spectacular! very good use of stashed yarn too.

    I got caught up in that Pear Tree frenzy the same year, and still have a small amount left. I love the over-dyeing, so effective.

    • Oh phew, I am glad I wasn’t the only one! What ever happened to Pear Tree? They seemed to relaunch for the US market and then disappeared.

  2. Lovely! Looks like batwings.

  3. Oh, how sweet . . . and yes, it does look like bat wings. Nice dyeing.

  4. Lovely scarf Rebecca, I can see why he’s pleased. The dyed yarns are perfect together. I do like Westknits patterns, I have attempted a couple and they are both amongst my favourites. When my husband and I first got together, I made many chunky sweaters and several pairs of socks. Sadly I now hardly ever make for him. In fact the last jumper I cast-on for him lies unfinished at the bottom of my wip basket!

    • I think when kids are in the mix, they get the lion’s share of the knits. Alf they keep growing, so we keep knitting. The gentlemen must make do or learn to knit!

  5. Another beauty Rebecca! I loved your casual references to over-dyeing the yarn in a bag ‘out the back’. The colors are beautiful. I can see myself knitting one of these. I would love to see a photo of it on your man.

  6. Great scarf for your Dear Man! Your colors are beautiful too and dyeing in a bag must certainly be an experience!!

  7. Ok, put a bag over his head and get a photo haha I too immediately thought of batwings and Not as an insult! Great colour parings.

  8. What an intriguing scarf – and I love the colours you have achieved with all your careful dyeing. Best of all, the recipient likes it!

  9. My goodness how lovely is your newly knitted scarf! Such a fabulous present for your lovely gentleman to receive. I think the colours are terrific together soft and subtle and I would never have thought to dye the second skein for contrast and it works brilliantly.

    So very pleased to see yet another triumph appear on your blog…. sending warm greetings from Over Here.


  10. Teaching The Gentleman to knit will increase production! (I write this in my team-rallying manager’s voice.)

    Then again. Just knitting when one knits depending on who one is has great appeal. Real things get done when they get done. Huzzah!

    Glad that’s sorted. Now I will sit back and envy your guy in that fantastic shawl. Well done, Ms. Needle & Spindle!

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