Backyard Sanatorium

My knitting is curled up in its basket, the spinning wheel is taking a breath and keyboard is sleeping. Needle and Spindle is taking a rest while I recuperate from pneumonia. It is not the scary kind fortunately, no hospitals have been involved, just the horribly exhausting, horribly inconvenient, spanner-in-the-works kind of illness.

Please forgive my lack of reply to your always interesting comments. Pleasant activities seem like insurmountable tasks at the moment. For now, I shall sit in our backyard, feel the unseasonable warm sun on my limbs, watch the chickens, take my meds and get better.

I look forward to meeting with you in this space again very soon.

Till then, may your health be marvellous!


27. April 2016 by Rebecca
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  1. Dear Rebecca…

    I am so sorry to read that you are unwell, how awful for you. I hope that you are wrapped up in knitted and handspun warmth and holding a comforting cup of tea in your hands right now. I hope you will be up and about and feeling much much better very soon.

    I have missed your instagram posts and of course now I know why. For me when I am unwell for some reason I then have the excuse to indulge myself in a good book, or watch something I have missed…

    Get well soon… with love from the West. Lydia

  2. Heal! Sending positive thoughts from California. Rest!

  3. Get well soon. Xoxo

  4. oh, what dreadful circumstance – best wishes to you for a full recovery. Rest all you need, and soak up the sun whenever possible x

  5. Curl up like an ‘old’ cat in that sun and purr yourself to health!! That’s my cure…….:)

  6. Rebecca, here’s wishing you a speedy recovery. Sometimes we all just need to sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of us. I guess we all think we’re super strong and can multi task and just keep on going until something knocks the wind from us and we realize how vulnerable we really are… just human.

  7. I am so sorry to hear your news. And so glad you have a backyard in which to rest and recuperate. May your healing be speedy and complete!

  8. Oh, dear. No way can I “Like” this! Pneumonia stinks! Rest and get well.

  9. Take care Rebecca, plenty of hot soothing soup.

  10. You poor darling!
    I hope the family are taking good care of you and you’re back to your knitting spinning writing best in no time.

  11. Dear Rebeca, having pneumonia sucks! Hope your feeling a lot better soon.

  12. Just look after your self we all shall be here when you get back.The gotland farmer had a minor accident knee injury as I was lying on the ground moaning I looked up and all these sheep where just standing and looking it was the funniest thing, they did not move just starred, as if to say we have never seen you in this position before.Sheep are not stupid

  13. I hope the sun shines on you and that healing comes quickly…take care and go gently on yourself and try and take all the time you need…even when you feel “you can” it doesn’t mean you should! Hugs and best wishes Em xxx

  14. Thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon!

  15. Do take care of yourself and convalesce well; as others have said, give yourself time to get truly well again especially at the frustrating stage when you are well enough to be restless but any activity can still easily exhaust you! I hope you feel better soon.

  16. Get better soon Rebecca, we all miss you! xxxx

  17. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Rest and look after yourself as much as you are able and enjoy the opportunity to bask in the unseasonable warmth. Looking forward to you taking up the needle and spindle when you are back to full health.

  18. Get well soon, enjoy the warmth, pick up life when you are wellnot before.
    Take care, best wishes Sue

  19. Get better and let your body recuperate! Sending good healing vibes from Burgundy, Sophie

  20. So sorry to hear this, Rebecca. I had wondered where you’d gone on Instagram. I had a chest infection myself (nothing like as bad as pneumonia though) over Easter. Horrible at the time and I couldn’t imagine getting better, but in retrospect exactly the three weeks of down-time I needed and wouldn’t have given myself. I was in close touch with a friend with chronic fatigue over that time, and now I’m back in my usual work-mode, find how valuable it is to tune back into her life, unable to do very much. Consider the lilies….. So I am considering you with the chickens and the sunlight, all projects temporarily suspended and none the worse for it, seeing your enforced rest as ballast to my busy-ness. Rest well and as long as you need, let others run the world, and get better in good timing but no sooner than you need. With a long-distance hug, Polly

  21. Wishing you a speedy recovery,
    but do not rush into doing a lot
    once you start feeling better !
    Easy does it,

  22. Very sorry to hear your news Rebecca. It won’t last forever and soon you’ll be back doing what you love to do. Sounds like your mind and body need time to really rest. I had the flu on and off for 7 weeks last year and spent most of that time thinking about what I wanted to do next in my life and what I wanted to leave behind. I really believe our bodies tell us to look within when need to. Get better soon. Perhaps it’s the beginning of a lovely new phase. Nicola XX

  23. Dear Rebecca, I am so sad to hear that you are feeling unwell. I going to make a nice cup of tea and sip it while sending healing thoughts to you. Go slow. Diana

  24. Wishing you plenty of rest and best wishes for a swift recovery. Jx

  25. I hope that you feel better soon and that you’re able to get back to the hobbies that you so enjoy. Take care!

  26. The only cure for pneumonia is ret and relax once the meds have their way and don’t try and rush it I had when 8.30months pregnant with my second child and really hard to recover at that stage especially as lots of meds were off the list .just listen to your body and let it guide you in recovery enjoy the mild Autumn

  27. Oh Rebecca, how awful. Sending strength your way – I hope your recovery is quick. x

  28. Mend up. This loyal reader will be right here when you are. No rush. No worries.

  29. Feel better soon!

  30. Sending you lots of healing thoughts. Get well soon! I hope the days stay unseasonably warm for a bit longer! x

  31. Dear Rebecca – very best wishes for a speedy recovery – take care of yourself, and better still let others moss you up properly. x

  32. Take care Rebecca….hope you are feeling well soon.

  33. So sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell. Wishing you a speedy recovery and lot of good books to read while you are recuperating.

  34. I hope that your healing continues, and that you’re feeling much better!

  35. Watching chickens is an excellent remedy!

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