New Year


IMG_1047And so the new year begins.

The three Norns continue to spin our fates at the foot of the Yggdrasil, Tree of the World.

Sometimes a fine thread, thin to almost breaking and sometimes a firm, confident yarn.

No matter the spinning of the moment, over the weeks and months and years, enough is made for us to knit up our lives into a useful and thoroughly beautiful garment. Good spinning you Norns.

IMG_1057This year, may I

  • follow my thread wherever it leads me
  • make real those things I see in my mind’s eye
  • be bold and fearless in my making

That is a pretty good guide for the year I reckon.  My first one was just a giant list of projects, deadlines and arrows going everywhere.  It was so joyless and alarming, I had to go and have a lie down.  This one is workable and inspiring yet calm and dignified.

You will of course see how it all unfolds, right here and I will so enjoy hearing your thoughts as we go along.  Other blog specific plans for Needle and Spindle include

  • a monthly post of interesting bits, pieces and gewgaws called Inside the Ribbon Tin
  • a series on sustainability and fibre choices so I can finally get this bowl of spaghetti all sorted in my own mind
  • lots and lots of making.

IMG_1046So Happy New Potatoes to you! Freshly dug out of the ground by two dirty, excited children.


03. January 2014 by Rebecca
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  1. Hi, I’ve loved reading your blog, very interested in the politics of wool so looking forward to reading what you have to say about sustainability… anyway, wishing you a very crafty new year

  2. All sounds like a good plan! Happy New Potatoes to you too – hope they tasted good! 😀

  3. Happy New Year!! You’ve made a great list! I’m looking forward to seeing Inside the Ribbon Tin, I just know it will be full of treasures. May the 2014 be full of happy potatoes!!

  4. Lovely post. Your plans for this new year sound just right, especially following the thread wherever it leads you.

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