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The Nicholas Building

Thank you dear readers for your wonderful advice on sock knitting fastly (as Our Dear Girl used to say). All the patterns you recommended have been gathered together in my Ravelry favourites section using the new bundle feature…best ever sock … Continue reading

28. May 2015 by Rebecca
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Three Dresses

I used to wear a lot of dresses. But then I had children. My shape changed, my bust got bigger, then smaller, then bigger and then went a little further south. Clothes had to accommodate breastfeeding…for years, it seemed. Even … Continue reading

14. May 2015 by Rebecca
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The Trouble With Cotton

This post is part of my Costume Changes project, a considered wardrobe revitalising project. Of the aims of this project was to wean myself off the cotton tshirt. I like cotton tshirts because they are easy. They don’t need ironing … Continue reading

22. April 2015 by Rebecca
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Costume Changes

Whilst the Waysides project is simmering out the back, I’d like to share another ongoing project that has been on my mind: Costume Changes. Costume Changes is my clothes making project that seeks to address the paucity and incoherence of my … Continue reading

13. March 2015 by Rebecca
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Inside the Ribbon Tin

Welcome to the first Inside the Ribbin Tin for 2015, an occasional series filled with bits and pieces, odds and sods and other ephemera related to textiles and making. This one is full of local interest. Firstly, Cheryl Crosbie from … Continue reading

17. February 2015 by Rebecca
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The Just In Times…Shirt, Skirt, Shawl and Shield

OK, so this one is my last Christmas making post, the final wrap-up, the things just finished, just in time. I finished sewing the buttons on this linen shirt for My Man two days before Christmas. The linen comes from … Continue reading

30. December 2014 by Rebecca
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Falling into Christmas

Oh yes, it is Christmas, the end of days! End of school, end of kinder, end of swimming, end of piano, beginning of holidays, camping, ripe apricots, school watering rosters and Christmas flurry. We are falling into Christmas. We have … Continue reading

20. December 2014 by Rebecca
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Operation Man Shirt

In my attempt to make from what I already have, in the waning days of the year, I am launching Operation Man Shirt, a quest to usefully transform all My Man’s old, worn business shirts that in some frugal madness … Continue reading

12. December 2014 by Rebecca
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Election day is Fun Day at our school. Like many state schools in Victoria, we are a polling station and election days are a great time to hold a fete and raise money for things like library books and building … Continue reading

04. December 2014 by Rebecca
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Inside the Ribbon Tin: November

Inside the Ribbon Tin is a monthly series featuring a miscellany of bits and bobs, odds and sods, knicks and knacks, all sorts of interesting things related to textiles and making. Come and see what is inside the Ribbon Tin this month. … Continue reading

30. November 2014 by Rebecca
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